The Role of Live Streaming in Marketing

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Starting from Snapchat, which lets you document events as they’re happening, live streaming has become a special part of marketing too. The popularity behind is not just a fad either. YouTube garnered total views of 8 million on their E3 live stream in only a mere 12 hours. The strength, exposure and the huge momentum behind live streaming make it a crucial part in social media marketing.

Used in any social media marketing campaign, live streaming can help to efficiently give results that enable the company to get exposure, appeal to new audiences and promote their products better as well.

Why Is It So Popular?

One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that not only is it cost effective, it also has a global outreach that melts down many physical barriers. Anyone with access to a functional wifi connection can attend the event, if not being there physically. From hosting seminars to offering a look at a concert as it is happening, live streaming allows users to view what is happening on the other side of the world.

For social media marketers, this is a chance of making a genuine connection with their target audience. Moreover, they also manage to give their products bigger exposure than they would have previously had. Live streaming capitalizes on the single aspect of inclusivity. It makes people feel included, more involved and present at the moment too.

Not Just For Events

While many people consider live streaming limited to events, it is not always the case. Various companies use it to successfully market their products with announcing launches; host a behind-the-scenes type even that showcases the fun corporate culture and even give host unboxing videos too or live Q & A sessions as well.

In short, the versatility it offers makes it a great tool to connect to your target audience. Used in conjunction with a social media campaign, a live streaming video can give more exposure to a company, helping it set up a credible image for their consumers.

More Than One Option

For those who are apprehensive about paying for live streaming, there’s no reason for that. Facebook, YouTube, and even Instagram, all offer a live video option that allows users to live stream anything with ease. Snapchat is based entirely on the concept of live streaming, allowing viewers to get a closer look at the best happenings around town.

Due to this fact, the concept of inclusivity that live streaming feeds offer is further strengthened. Brands and business that showcase a more human side to them and create a connection with their target audience are able to gain consumers who not only want to buy the products; they are also more willing to showcase brand loyalty too.

Given the growth of video content and live streaming, it can be safe to say that Live streaming plays a vital role in social media marketing. Although still in its growth phases, this is definitely a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, anytime soon.

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