Why You Shouldn’t Limit Your Marketing to One Social Media Platform

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When it comes to using social media for marketing, the main complication arises in deciding exactly which platform to utilize for it. Facebook lets you make use of image, content, and video so it might appear more desirable. On the other hand, there is a reason why everyone advises you why you shouldn’t put all your marketing in one platform. The following are some of the main reasons why.

Limiting the Exposure

Each social media platform gives your product, access to exposure. Based on a global scale, the statistics show that:

  • Facebook has a total of 1,968 million active users
  • Twitter has a total of 319 million active users
  • Instagram has a total of 600 million active users
  • Snapchat has a total of 300 million active users
  • Pinterest has a total of 150 million active users
  • YouTube has a total of 1,000 million active users

If you’re only using Facebook, you are not giving your brand exposure to over 2,369 million users. Only choosing one platform will greatly impact the total exposure as well as make an impact on your ROI. While it is advisable, when you are starting out to make use of only one social media platform, it will benefit you more to branch out.

Every Platform Has a Purpose

When it comes to social media platforms, not all of them are made equal. YouTube is perfect for video content but it does not make room for a lot of text. Similarly, Instagram is perfect for images and small videos. Snapchat is mean for bite-sized videos and images, whereas Twitter and Facebook are the versatile giants that can support video, text, and images too. Since many marketing plans usually incorporate text, image, and video, all of these platforms will work wonders for your brand, throughout the campaign.

Create a Web of Information

When using all platforms, you can also create a useful and neat loop of information for your customers. This allows them to easily find information about you no matter which platform they use. All accounts should lead them to the end product which will be your website and your product. Incorporated correctly, this web of information can streamline a lot of steps in the campaign, including attracting the customer, providing them with information, showcasing your product, and taking them to the final buying step.

Follow Your Target Market

Each social media platform you use will give you access to different target markets. Moreover, to truly determine which ones to use, you need to analyze which ones your target market uses. Social media platforms do fluctuate in popularity but your main concern should be your target market. Make sure you are on all the social media platforms so that you can follow them to greener pastures or even break into a newer target market.

The versatility that different social media platforms offer you, will give you more in terms of ROI than what you could hope to get with one platform.

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