Marketing Trends You Should Consider for 2017

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When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of trends that make a huge impact on the end result of your marketing strategy. For this reason, you need to keep an eye on these trends so that you cannot only capitalize on them but also use them to your benefit. Among the many trends that are making an impact in 2017, the following are a few marketing trends you need to consider for 2017.

More Interaction

Interactive content will be playing a larger role in garnering the attention of the target audience. Take Buzzfeed’s quizzes as a prime example. One of their most popular quizzes happens to be “Which City Should You Live In?”And it was exceedingly well received. The clicking for the right answer is a format that makes the user feel more connected with the business and enjoy the outcome too. Polls, online contests, surveys as well as animated infographics are all interactive content that is becoming more popular with each day.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors or influencers, as they are now known, are becoming more popular. People tend to trust product recommendations and influencers who are well-liked and popular can greatly market a product with ease. Some of the best influencers are those who are just as passionate about the brand and believe in the message and core of the brand. The Kardashians are great influencers, not only in their ability to promote a product but because they have such a large following that they are able to instantly cause fashion trends and changes overnight.

Live Streaming and Mobile Video

The smartphone has launched a new era of mobile video that has revolutionized video content. While the results are not at par with the results you would expect to get if you were using a proper camera, you can easily record mobile videos that can be used in social media campaigns. Moreover, live streaming has started to play a larger role as well, with Facebook and Instagram offering live streaming options. Snapchat is based on crafting live bite-sized videos and presenting content in real time which makes it all the more interesting and enhances its appeal.

Quality over Quantity

While content is not going to go out of style anytime soon, it appears that the quality of the content plays a larger role in determining the popularity of the business. Quality over quantity has started to become the norm and more and more businesses that showcase and provide quality are gaining a lot of consumers. This is largely due to the fact that the average consumer is getting smarter, wiser and expecting more from the business that they interact with. For this reason, quality content will garner more instead of a large amount of low-quality content.

While it is still too early to predict more trends for 2017, these trends are the ones that are the strongest and have the most growth, showcasing that with each month, they are still capable of enhancing your marketing strategy with ease.

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