The Impact of Leadership in 2017

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With 2017, many different roles are being changed around. With newer business practices coming into play, you have to consider the impact previous roles still make. Leadership is one of the roles that helped entrepreneurs, small businesses and more and in 2017; it is one role that doesn’t show any signs of stagnating.

In fact, in 2017, good leaders can be valuable commodities that can help to steer the company towards change. If you’re wondering which key areas will benefit the most from the right leadership options, the following are the major ones.

Motivating Performance through Collaboration

A great leader is one who encourages collaboration that motivates performance. The end result is that everyone is on their A-game and team members are interested in working collectively towards the outlined goal. Keep in mind that performance management is completely different from performance motivation. One encourages micro-management while the other gives one free reign, as long as they are able to successfully meet the goals outlined to them. By focusing more on a free reign approach, good leadership produces good results.

Building an Approachable Brand Image

What do Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook have in common? They have a story where their creators were underdogs. They were just a bunch of creative individuals who followed their dreams and believed in a visionary idea at a time when no one even believed in them. The story resonates with plenty of people and makes the brand all the more relatable.

The story and image of many brands is greatly linked to their leaders and a good leader does their best in creating an image that is approachable and admirable. Steve Jobs highlighted this well. When he died, Apple stocks declined as people began to panic since Steve Jobs was so completely interlinked with Apple’s brand image.

Fostering a Positive Work Environment

You’d think bullying is something that wouldn’t occur in your adult life but workplace bullying is something that still happens in different workplaces. In fact, it is one of the major reasons why skilled people often don’t think twice about leaving a workplace they fit in so well. Workplace bullying is such a huge issue that around 75% of employees have experienced it. To truly get address office bullying, a leader has to stop making excuses or turning a blind eye to this problem

A good leader will help to address this problem when it is manifesting. By enforcing healthy boundaries and helping to address the issues that were causing the bullying in the first place, it is possible for a good leader to create a positive work environment. Keep in mind that workplace bullies are getting harder to detect. Knowing that their actions are going to make them accountable, there are few who are blatantly obvious, particularly when they’re not in a position of power or the co-workers are doing the bullying Due to this factor, psychological bullying or ‘mobbing’ is fairly common.

A good leader is capable of realizing that whether or not they see the bullying happening obviously or psychologically, it is to their benefit to stop it from escalating further.

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