Why you need to avoid the Buzzwords in Advertising for Perfect Targeting

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There are so many buzzwords in advertising that we often forget to see the real meaning behind them. Even if advertisers and marketers understand these buzzwords, they end up making ineffective strategies just because they fail to understand that behind those newspapers, computers, mobile devices, and televisions are non-robots.

As humans, we have the capability to understand things better than robots. This is what many businesses fail to understand and end up targeting the audience based on those robotic buzzwords. In order to target your audience in a more effective way, it is important to avoid some buzzwords that we use in our campaigns.


Every marketer keeps talking about analytics and how their campaign is based on the data gathered using analytics tools. But what they fail to understand is that the interpretation of data all falls on them. No robot or software will tell them how to target their audience using the data that they have gathered. They will need to learn how to make use of this data in the most effective way and then design strategies focusing on the information that they have gathered. The data will do nothing unless you streamline your strategies with it.

Creative Campaign

Marketers often talk about their campaigns being creative. But creativity is not the only thing that gets leads for businesses. There is a lot going behind a mere advert that the audience really gets attracted to. No matter how graphically appealing your advert is, if it is not focusing on the right audience and reaching out to them, it will fail. Your ad can have the best copy and the most eye-catching images, but it will be nothing if it doesn’t focus on the right audience.

Therefore, when designing an advertising or marketing campaign, make sure you look into customer insight and their purchase behavior and then design a creative campaign with all these elements. At the end of the day, there is a human that is looking at your advertisement, and no matter how great it looks, they will only look at the bigger picture and what is in it for them.


Indeed, algorithms bring pieces of the puzzle together, but without human intervention, they only result in failure. Algorithm is another buzzword that many marketers make use of. Your digital marketing strategies will not work until you think beyond algorithms. You need to ensure that your content is not only suitable for search engines, but it is also targeting the right audience. Everything effort that you make should result in leads, and if that’s not happening, it is totally useless to out your entire focus on following algorithms.


There are many buzzwords in advertising, but it is important to understand them beyond their typical definition. It is important to understand what your audience wants and then make use of each of the strategies to ensure maximum impact and improved results. Always remember, humans will always remain the experts no matter how advanced the technology gets.

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