Positive Traits that Can Influence Your Leadership Style

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A good leader contains a mix of qualities that ensure that they are not only capable of leading the business but are also able to nurture it for its growth. A leader, in general, is just an ordinary person who has a collection of positive traits and attributes that, all combined, create an enigmatic personality that is favored by many.

Wondering what those positive traits are? Take a look at the following traits that can and do influence your leadership style.


A true leader is one who is focused on the goals of the company and works tirelessly for it. They need to be able to zone out all unnecessary activities, get rid of distractions as well as clear their minds. In one day, a leader will be required to pay attention to and address four to five major different issues. It is up to them to clear their minds, focus on each issue individually and figure out the solutions that can be applied without causing any losses.


A leader is passionate about what they do. When anyone loves what they are doing, work does not feel like work at all. Leaders are the ones who have truly found their passion and they want to explore it. Not only is their love for what they are doing extreme, but it is also infectious and people who work with them are also as equally passionate about what they are doing.


Leaders encourage growth and empower people. They are aware that they cannot manage or look after everything and are not afraid of giving responsibilities and distributing the workload effectively as well. Many leaders are aware of their weaknesses and can even find other talented individuals who possess the strengths they lack. Such leaders empower and give opportunities for growth as they are not working for their own selfish reasons, they can think in broader terms and decide what is good for the company.


Leaders are also extremely humble, down-to-earth individuals who possess a self-awareness and humility that makes them relatable to others. Sure they might be confident and arrogant but they treat everyone, from the janitor to the COO with the same deference and regard. By treating them as equals, being compassionate about their problems and taking a personal approach to them, leaders gain a lot of regard since people love working for them.

Willingness to Learn

Leaders have an insatiable quest for knowledge and they are always willing to learn and expand their skill set as well as gauge what will work and what will not. Many leaders are not afraid to enroll in courses, attend classes, workshops and more in order to equip themselves with the necessary skills. Their thirst for knowledge and their focus on personal development ensures that their newly acquired skills are applied to the business in a manner that maximizes the profits for all.

Above all, leaders are loved by all. They don’t just become the face of the business; they inspire every area, including the very corporate culture of the business.

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