4 Trends that Made a Definite Impact on Marketing

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When it comes to marketing, it is always wiser to keep an eye on trends that not only make an impact on the current state but will also have an impact on the behavior of the consumers in the future.

Planning any marketing strategies involves making room for all these trends and the following are some trends that have made and continue to make a definite impact on the way you market your business and products.

1.   Flexible Content

With the introduction of different platforms such as tablets and smartphones, all marketing content should be optimized, in order to allow for easy access to it. It’s not just about the average person having and using more than one device. With 24 hour accessibility through the internet, if your content isn’t visible, you are invisible and if it’s not optimized for these devices, it won’t function properly. With a focus on responsive design, you can increase your chances of turning each visitor to your site into a potential customer.

2.   Viral Visual Content

With social media platforms allowing for extremely flexible marketing strategies, content needs to be more than text. From videos to images, many social media platforms are optimized to allow for a wide array of video formats and images too. A good marketing strategy uses these factors properly.  Moreover, going viral now allows marketers to truly enhance the parameters of their marketing campaign. Any content that goes viral is instantly boosted and one can expect almost a million views or more in one day.

3.   Customer Engagement

Customers nowadays expect engagement from a business. It’s not always about the service you provide but the little things that showcase that the customer is valued by the business. Putting the customer in the spotlight and designing the content does pay off. A study conducted by Gallup highlighted how businesses that paid attention to the wants of their customers as well as engaged them actively experienced a 50% boost in sales and earned 55% higher revenues in comparison to businesses that didn’t. Owing to this factor, marketing and crafting content that engages and interacts with the audience is becoming a big trend.

4.   Impact of Customer Reviews

Customers are getting smarter and their opinions do matter. In fact, they can make a huge impact on the business. A happy customer is capable of introducing more customers to the business and on the strength of a negative review; a business can lose not a sizeable amount of customers. Keeping an eye on the customer reviews gives a business a closer look at what works and what isn’t working as well and allows them to craft content that appeals to them ensuring that it is effective.

It is interesting to note that despite the fact that many people are aware of these trends, they have a massive amount of growth. Taking a look at the projected numbers of each trend, it is speculated that they will continue to make a huge impact on the way businesses market their products well into the future.

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