The Role of Branding in Business Marketing Strategies

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It’s basic marketing 101 that the brand of a company makes a huge impact on their marketing strategy. However, marketing is such a complex subject that it, at times, encroaches upon certain aspects of sales and branding. Similarly, branding is an amalgamation of marketing and at times sales as well. You can’t have one without the other.

The following are a few other ways that highlight the central role of branding and the impact it makes on a business’s marketing strategy.

The Brand makes Recognition Easy

Your logo is part of the company brand and is one of the few ways through which a person recognizes a business.

For example: Take a look at the image above. Do the orange and purple text on a white background make you think of any brand? Even though the font and colors only depict a simple word, one can immediately begin to associate it with the logo of FedEx. Even if you didn’t think of it right away, it still struck you as something familiar, right?

The Brand Defines the Personality

One of the biggest things that a brand does is that it sets the tone for the marketing strategy and the business culture. When you think of Redbull, you’ll think of energy drinks as well as a quirky sense of humor. The quirky sense of humor is one of the reasons why people love Redbull despite the fact that the product itself is often touted to be bad for you. It creates an emotional bond between a consumer and a product. Moreover, much like a person’s personality, a business with a strong brand or strong personality is more likely to attract more people to it.

The Brand Defines the Business Values

Various businesses have various values and they’re often not just all about making money. While that is the end goal a brand helps define the values of business more easily. From your logo to the quality of services you offer and the kind of ads and causes you promote, every single aspect contributes to creating a picture for the consumer. Take a look at bigger brands like Levis, Nike, Adidas, Ford motors and others like them. Just thinking of their name makes you think of high-quality, high-end goods that deliver on their promises with amazing customer support.

The Brand makes a Promise

People know that when they are buying from a brand, they’re buying products that are worth the cost. Moreover, they don’t just pay for the product; they’re buying the whole experience from your business. This means every little thing from the packaging to the customer support makes an impact on the brand of a business. This is the reason why consumers will pay for products from companies such as Apple. Sure they might have competitors that might even offer better products but Apple has delivered phones that are not only innovative, they also provide an amazingly user-friendly experience with an easy and simple platform.

At the end of the day, branding plays a major role and you can’t plan a business let alone a marketing strategy without taking your businesses brand into consideration.

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