How Snapchat Revolutionized Exposure for Brands and Products

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As a new social media tool, Snapchat has made a huge impact on the day to day interactions of the average user. On the other hand, businesses have also seen how social media revolutionize not just the way they interact with their target audience but also makes a direct impact on their sales and exposure as well. Going viral is the ultimate dream and crafting content that creates a buzz that generates a lot of publicity is the goal of most companies.

Even if the content doesn’t go viral, social media platforms give a business a personality and allow them to magnify their reach greatly. While Snapchat has revolutionized the way content is shared with their 10-second video and photo shares, it also changed the way various brands marketed themselves and gained exposure.

The following are a few examples of how Snapchat effectively revolutionized exposure for brands and products:

Doodle Facts – Grub Hub

Snapchat doesn’t just have a video option, it also allows one to doodle and scribble on any snap with ease. In 2015, Grub Hub paired with a popular artist, Michael Platco, renowned for his little art pieces on Snapchat, for their SuperBowl Sunday marketing strategy. Viewers of their story got bite-sized facts accompanied with hand-drawn images about chicken wings and their consumption. Needless to say, the cute graphics paired with the fact that one can use Grub Hub to order chicken wings enticed viewers to get on Grub Hub and order some chicken wings.

Photo Tags – WWF – World Wildlife Fund

Another brand that made use of Snapchat’s photo options, the World Wildlife Fund launched a campaign known as the “#LastSelfie.” It focused on sharing a picture of an endangered species along with various statistics. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness on the diminishing numbers of these animals as well as utilize the 10-second timer to impress the fact that just like the snap if the animal disappears, it’s gone forever if there are no steps taken to address the situation in real life.

Exclusivity – Heineken

Snapchat also makes it very easy to share snaps and information not just conveniently but exclusively. In 2014, Heineken was one of the sponsors of Coachella. They used Snapchat to interact with their users. The users who responded with the right snaps earned themselves exclusive snaps that contained confirmation or the schedule of the upcoming band or artist who would perform at their sponsor stage, ‘the Heineken House.’

Always Fresh – Free People

The best part about snap stories is the fact that they are not boring and one never knows what to expect next. Free People; a clothing brand has one of the best Snapchats, giving their fans an exclusive sneak peek into their day to day business. This ranges from getting an exclusive look at the upcoming collection, celebrity guests and more. Fans also get a chance to interact with the brand through Question Wednesdays where some of their questions are answered by the staff.

These are just a few examples. Snapchat has around 100 million active users on a daily basis and their videos can receive as much as 10 billion views on a daily basis as well. If your business is not on Snapchat yet, it’s time to sign up.

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