Is Pokémon Go the Key to Increased Traffic and Sales for Small Businesses?

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Since the launch of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game has been installed on millions of mobile devices. In fact, the game’s daily active users will soon be exceeding Twitter, which is huge. But what does this exploration game have to do with increasing the sales and foot traffic of small businesses? Let’s find out!

Users Are Hunting Pokemon Everywhere

Pokemon Go has gained massive attention from around the world. But before we head into the actual discussion, let’s talk about how this game works.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that requires players to head to different locations to hunt down Pokemon. The game uses GPS to locate, capture, and battle of fascinating creatures that appear on the screen of the users’ mobiles. The thing that makes this game super impressive is that users get to hunt down Pokemon in real-life locations that they are in at the time. The experience that augmented reality offer to the users’ is what has made this game super popular and players are going all the places to find unique Pokemon.

If Your Business is a PokeStop or Gym, You Get Increased Traffic

PokeStops and gyms are what players are in search of in the game. This means that users will head to places that are PokeStops or gyms, helping increase traffic. So, the first thing is to find out whether your shop or business place is a gym or a PokeStop.

PokeStops allows players to collect their rewards and Gyms are places where players battle their Pokemon with others. Having your business site as either of these will instantly enhance overall foot traffic, allowing you to attract more customers.

Luring Customers into Your Store

One of the things that make Pokemon Go a big hit for small and big businesses is that it offers In-app purchases. The most impressive in-app purchase available is ‘Lures’. Lures increase the number of Pokemon in the area, attracting more people towards your business space. Because Pokemon is hard to find, using Lures to generate more in your area is a great way to drive more traffic at or near your store.

You can easily purchase Lures from the app and pay only a dollar and a few cents to bring more traffic to your business space. So, if your business space happens to be near a PokeStop, benefit from it by purchasing Lures at a fraction of the cost of what you get in return.


Another way to go by is to offer discounts if your store is a Gym. You can also help players by revealing the ruling team in your Gym. But if you are worried about not having your store as a Gym or a PokeStop, you can benefit from the game by heading to PokeStops and Gyms. Pokemon Go has opened many opportunities for businesses to increase traffic to their stores while also boosting their sales.




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