Become a Pro at Avoiding these 4 Digital Marketing Mistakes this Year

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Every marketer is trying hard to reach out to the right audience and convert them into customers. But even the smartest marketer can make a few mistakes that can cause all their efforts to fail. So, in order to make your efforts work and give out results, you need to avoid these common digital marketing mistakes at any cost. Let’s get started.

1.    Not Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is big and quite effective as well, but if you are not making use of it, you might be missing out on attracting customers towards your business. The biggest reason that every digital marketer needs to go for email marketing is that everyone has an email address that is associated with major things in their life like their job, mortgage provider, etc.

When you are no longer in contact with the customer, it is through emails that you can actually stay in touch with them. Emails provide a great opportunity to businesses to reach out to their customers and send them promotional offers and messages. Furthermore, your customers feel special when you send them a message telling them about a special offer.

2.    Not Targeting Mobile

Mobile is the most used digital device, and if you are not targeting your customers on their mobile devices, you are missing out on a great chunk of potential customers. Every digital marketer should ensure that their marketing and advertising campaigns are mobile-friendly. Your business website should also have a responsive interface so that everyone can view it regardless of the device that they are using.

3.    Not Considering of A/B Testing

No marketing or advertising campaign is complete without testing. So, when you design a digital marketing strategy, make sure you test it to find out what worked and what didn’t. Whether it is an advert or an email, make sure you test it in a group of people. Ask each person in the group about the ad or email and take notes. A/B testing tells you which strategy worked and which you should be using in the future.

4.    Not Interacting with Your Followers

Social media is a solid platform to engage with your customers and get them to purchase from you. But if you only aim at increasing the number of followers, you will fail to impress anyone. In order to create an impressive image and social media presence, you need to interact with your followers. If you are not being social, your followers will leave your side. This mistake will only end up making you look bad. Therefore, it is important to talk to your followers on social media and keep sharing insight about your brand on the platform.


If you are making any of these mistakes, you need to stop now. By taking help of the tips given above, you will be able to enhance customer engagement on digital platforms and turn a significant number of users into potential leads.

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