Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

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2015 was the year in which we saw an increase in mobile purchases and marketing. It was the year when Google changed its algorithm to offer greater value to the users. Now that we are headed into 2016, it is important to know which strategies will be big and which will need to be left behind.

As customers are getting smarter, digital marketers need to adopt more sought-after strategies to target them across different platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing predictions in 2016.

A Balanced E-Commerce Site

E-commerce was definitely big last year, but it is going to be bigger in 2016. However, what marketers need to focus on is to create a perfect balance among rewards, delivery options, and customer feedback. People shopping on e-commerce sites will be looking for something extra. They will look for added value and if you take care of their needs, you will definitely do well. Digital commerce sites will need to offer free-delivery, rewards on purchase, and customer reviews.

More Brands Will Embrace V-Loggers

It is without a doubt that 2015 was the year of v-loggers who did pretty well. From Zoella to Shay Carl, many v-loggers became big internet personalities with millions of followers and YouTube views. Some of these v-loggers are even bigger than celebs.

Therefore, there is quite some potential for businesses to reach out to them and promote their products and services through their videos. The number of followers that these YouTube personalities have will help businesses get more leads than ever before. So what are you waiting for?

Mobile Purchases Will Be Massive

Mobile users are always making purchases on the go. But in 2015, many mobile users were unable to make purchases through their mobile devices due to the lack of responsive design. People preferred logging onto their desktops to click the buy button. They would hardly find an e-commerce website that they could easily use on their mobile devices.

But with Google emphasizing more on responsive web-design, businesses are now focusing on mobile-friendly websites that make it easy for the users to make online purchases. Therefore, this change in e-commerce website design will enable more people to purchase from their mobiles from anywhere in the world.

Big Data Will Be Bigger

Big Data was quite misunderstood in 2015. But now that more people have learned to make use of it, it will be bigger in 2016. Big Data is no longer just a tool to get to know about market segments, but it is a tool that can tell you everything about your customers individually. By making use of Big Data, you will get to know valuable customer insight, their purchase decision, their buying patterns, and their influences, which will allow you to come up with better targeting strategies.


By making use of these strategies, you will be able to do well on digital marketing platforms. These trends are definitely going to stay, so it is better to start working on them now.

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