3 Digital Marketing Trends that you cannot Miss in 2016!

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As another year ends, new digital trends and online marketing strategies begin to take shape. Businesses that are adapting to change are the ones taking the internet by storm. But the ones who are not taking notes are left behind without any attention.

Don’t let that happen to your business and check out the top three trends that are quite evident in 2016. Let’s get started!

1.    Get on the Video Bandwagon Now!

Are you still not considering advertising through video? Well, let’s face it; video content is bigger than ever before. You log onto Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, all you see is video content and video ads. The reason that it is getting so popular is that videos are more interactive and fun to watch, they also give out great information about your brand.

So, if you haven’t started creating video content, start now! But make sure all your video ads are interesting, HD quality, and in line with your brand’s image. You need to remember the most effective videos are those that contain information and are interesting to watch. Such videos keep the viewers hooked and make them learn something about your brand.

2.    Mobile or Nothing!

2015 was the year when every digital trend revolved around being mobile-friendly. But if you did not follow last year, it is time to go mobile now. With the increasing number of online users, it is important that you are present where your customers are available most of the time. Make sure your advertising and marketing campaign is mobile-friendly and can easily be seen by your customers on their respective devices. You also need to make sure that all your links work on mobile devices.

Your website, links and advertisements should be responsive and interactive. No matter which device the audience uses to visit your website, they should be able to read the content without any hassle.

3.    Adopt Native Advertising

People can now easily block those ads that you are targeting towards them through the internet. There are many software and tools that can make it hard for your ads to reach your audience. But no matter how interesting your ad is, you cannot win from these ad blockers.

Instead of trying to fight with these blockers, try to go for native advertisements. This advertising technique allows your ad to be placed on websites with content similar to your product. For example; if you are selling clothes and accessories, your advert will be placed on a site that is based around fashion. This way you will be able to target the right audience and avoid getting blocked. Due to their relevance, native ads are seen by more people and also get more leads.


If you want your digital marketing and advertising tactics to work in 2016, make sure you do not miss these three important trends of the year. With these strategies in place, you will be able to grab your audiences’ attention and get more leads.

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