Common Problems that Freelancers Have to Face

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Some people may consider freelancing to be the ideal job since it comes with perks like flexible timings and choosing your own tasks. But there is no such thing as easy money, and here are some problems that freelancers have to face every day:

Time Management

Since freelancers have no fixed monthly payments, they are literally paid according to how productively they spend their time. And this is a problem because one day may not be as productive as another. Also, if there is a sudden change of schedule because of an emergency, it would mean a loss of earning for freelancers.

Most freelancers accept any task that they are offered and sometimes there may set a clash f deadlines which could negatively affect the freelancer’s reputation and may even lead to a client backing out t the last moment.

Task Management

A client can give too much work at a time or freelancers can commit to more than one client at a time. This can lead to a clash of deadlines. Different clients can have different requirements, and it can sometimes be difficult to manage the different tasks, fulfill all the requirements and send it to clients before deadlines.

Not Having Enough Time for Yourself

Another common problem that most freelancers have to face is that they can hardly make any time for themselves. Many people who work at home never get to go out of their home for weeks or meet their friends because they are too busy trying to meet customer deadlines.


It can be difficult to focus when you are working at home without anyone supervising you because there are many things that can distract you from your work. For example, if someone in the family is sick, people coming to visit you at home, or noise from the television.

No Steady Income

Freelancers earn their living depending on the number of projects, and this can vary each month. Not only this, if a person becomes sick, or has some commitments that don’t allow them to work, then there will be a considerable decrease in income. For freelancers – time spent at work really is money. Since they don’t have a steady monthly income, most freelancers are unable to make important financial plans.

Unrealistic Expectations

It is easy to overestimate your limit and fill too many tasks in your schedule. When planning their schedule for the day, some freelancers may not leave room for breaks or make their timings flexible. So, if a certain project talks longer than usual, the entire schedule will be disturbed which can lead to missed deadlines or displeased customers.

Underpayment or delay in payment

Once in a while, you will meet clients who don’t pay the amount promised or delay the payment for a very long time. This can cause financial problems since everybody has to pay their bills on time. It can also disturb freelancers who feel they aren’t paid properly for their work.

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