Digital Marketing Trends That Will Make Your Business Successful in 2016

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Are you up to speed on the digital marketing trends in 2016? As an upcoming or already thriving business, it is important for you to stay current on the digital marketing trends that will become huge this year.

Failure to keep up with the quickly changing and evolving digital trends can result in a half-baked online marketing strategy. If you are reading this blog, you are on the right track to ensure your online marketing strategy in 2016 becomes a success.

Pay attention to the following digital marketing trends you will see creeping up everywhere on the internet in 2016 (at least for those that employ them):

1.    Video Ads Will Dominate the Web

With Facebook and Bing offering advertisers with the option to promote their business using video ads, you will see more and more businesses opting for that option in 2016. What’s more is that Google has finally added video content to their search engine algorithm. In order to rank higher on Google, businesses will readily choose to advertise their services and products using video ads.

2.    The Flood of Mobile Applications

Google modified its search engine algorithm to benefit sites with a mobile-friendly interface. To do this, the search engine giant started to use information from the indexed applications. Businesses with an application saw their ranking on Google rise, as the search engine included the content from the business’s mobile application.

In 2016, you will see businesses creating mobile applications for their site for users to install on their phone. In addition to their mobile-friendly site, they will now release an application as well.

3.    Mobile Usage Will Topple Desktop Usage

With the advent of smartphones, users have begun to rely heavily on their mobile phones, using it to shop, browse, play games, listen to calls, and more. In 2016, it will be no different, as mobile usage will increase amongst users. Even though desktop usage will not vanish entirely, it will wane down.

4.    The Rise of Newer Optimization Strategies

The primary focus of a majority of online marketing strategies is to rely on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure they receive exposure on the internet, businesses will optimize more than just their site. They will optimize virtual assistants such as Cortana and Siri. They will optimize their business to make it easier for users to find their business details.

5.    The Rise of Virtual Reality Devices

In 2016, the world will see the emergence of virtual reality devices such as the popular Oculus Rift and the virtual reality head-mounted device. The popularity of virtual reality devices amongst users will shift the focus of businesses on to developing new online advertising strategies, connecting video channels, direct messaging, and social media sites together on one platform.

Which digital marketing trend of 2016 do you look forward to adopting? Make 2016 the year your business hits the ball out of the park with their online marketing strategy.

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