How Retailers Can Target Mobile-Using Customers

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Every holiday season, we are bombarded with numerous messages, emails, and promotions from retailers. Every retailer has one goal in mind; to attract the maximum number of customers towards their stores so that they can increase their sales. Some retailers come up with discount offers, while others promote their amazing products. However, with so many messages being sent, it becomes almost impossible for a customer to remember which one to pick. Furthermore, this strategy only ends up becoming a nuisance for them.

Due to the availability of advanced monitoring and predictive analysis tools and technologies, it has become quite easier for retailers to target the right customers through their smartphones.

Target Early Buyers

Some people like to purchase holiday gifts a few months before the holiday season. Thanks to predictive analysis tools, retailers can now find out about such customers and target them by sending them promotional messages before the holiday season. Retailers can also send them discount offers to entice them into buying early presents for their loved ones so that they do not end up buying from their competitors’.

Give them the Deal they are looking for

When the holiday season is near, many customers are looking for affordable deals on different items. In order to target such people, retailers can make use of predictive analysis tools and promote their deals through messages to attract customers into buying from them. Retailers will also need to find out about the deals that build excitement in the customers the most. There are some customers that would get attracted by finding out about free shopping, and some will only care about discounts. So, find out what your customers are looking for and reach out to them on their mobile devices to make them buy from you.

Reach out to Cart Abandoners

There are some customers who visit your website, pick items, add to cart, and then when they have to make a purchase, they abandon their cart. It is the retailers’ job to find out the reason that these people are abandoning their carts and not moving forward with the purchase. Is it the shipping price that is bothering them or is the process too complicated? Once you find out about the problem and the number of cart abandoners through a monitoring tool, you can come up with a strategy to keep them from doing so in the future.

You can offer free shipping to make people purchase from you, and if the process is too complicated, simplify it and make it easier for the customers to purchase from you. Customers are also attracted by discounts. So, if you don’t want them to abandon their cart, offer them a discount by sending them a text message or email.


When the holiday season is near, everyone heads out to different stores to purchase gifts, decorations, and household items. It becomes a war between different retailers. Therefore, it is important to stay technologically advanced and connect with the right audience, at the right platform to increase your sales and mark victory over your competitors.

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