How to make your profile more visible on LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn has become one of the most prominent professional networks on the internet. However, when people create their profile, they just focus on adding their professional and educational information without paying attention to creating a strong presence on this highly active platform. What people need to realize is that LinkedIn is different from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where status messages play a great role in increasing visibility. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can make your profile more visible on this great platform.

Publish Great Content

LinkedIn is a great platform for showcasing your abilities to highly professional and accomplished people. Therefore, when you want to share a good content piece, do not just post it, but publish it. What happens when you publish a post is that it gets added to LinkedIn’s blogging platform. This means that your post will be part of a platform where it will be viewed by several users who will value your contribution. Furthermore, this published content will act as a permanent part of your identity on LinkedIn. When publishing a post, make sure you only add a few paragraphs and add your profile link to it so that users can visit your profile to read the whole thing.

Keep Your Profile Updated

LinkedIn is a professional network where business executives and headhunters search for the perfect candidate. This means that if you are on LinkedIn, you should keep your profile updated. Get past numbers and add stories to your profile. This platform also gives users a chance to share their on-job experience and stories. You might not find them useful, but they can tell a lot about you and your work ethic. So, don’t forget to update your profile for attracting great jobs.

Be Active on Groups

The users who are not involved with LinkedIn groups do not get a lot of traffic to their profiles. When you join professional groups on LinkedIn and take part in discussions, you can be seen by many professionals. This increased activity on groups can lead to phenomenal traffic on your profile, making you popular for jobs. Join the conversation and share valuable information, and you will be able to get a lot of connection requests.

Showcase Your Work Portfolio

You are on LinkedIn to impress headhunters. So, make sure you add your work portfolio to your profile so that companies can learn more about your skills. Adding work portfolio to your LinkedIn profile will help impress professionals.

Make Your Email Visible

What’s the use of setting up a profile on LinkedIn and privatizing it so much that no one can approach you? Well, if you want professionals to contact you, make sure you make your email address visible on your profile.

Add as much as you can

Do not hesitate to brag about your college achievements, your sports trophies, and your other achievements on LinkedIn. The more you add to your profile, the better your profile will look.

When you follow these instructions, you will be able to attract more professionals to your profile and might as well get a good job offer.

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