Is Print Advertising Near Extinction?

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Print advertising might be old, but it is definitely not dead. Many people believe that because of the advancement in technology, digital media has taken over the world and caused print advertising to die out. Many businesses and brands still opt for print media as their major advertising tactic. The reason that they make use of print advertising is that it is still very effective and has evolved over time. Let’s take a look at some reasons that will tell you that print advertising is not yet dead.

Reaches Different Target Audience

The greatest thing about print advertising is that it is meant for everyone. Although online marketing is huge, it still fails to capture the audience that is not too much into tech. Print advertising attracts a broader range of audience including the seniors that do not like using the internet much. The ads published in newspapers and magazines have a high readability rate among elders and middle-aged people. Many youngsters also love reading magazines, which makes print advertising a dynamic platform for brands to make use of.

Credible Source

Digital marketing might be creating a buzz in the marketing world, but they have a lower readability ratio. When ads pop up on a website, people just ignore them without even looking at them. They are considered as irritating, thus fail to create an impact on the minds of the audience. Print advertising, on the other hand, is considered a legitimate source for people to take information from. Due to the credibility of print media, people tend to read onto ads, which also help brands build credibility.

Mix of Technology and Tradition

Many marketers might consider print advertising as a non-advance method but it simply isn’t true. Print ads contain QR codes which can be scanned through smartphones, leading the reader to the website of the brand or any other page. Moreover, print advertising is advancing every day due to the introduction of new attention-grabbing techniques to attract the audience.

Longer Lifespan

The best thing about print advertising is that it cannot be manipulated or deleted from the newspapers and magazines. Once an ad is printed on a magazine or a newspaper, it stays on it as long as the copy stays intact. This also makes it highly readable, and people can look at the ads on print media platforms whenever they want. Therefore, undoubtedly print advertising has a greater impact than any other form of advertising.

Growing Stronger

It is true that after the introduction of television commercials and online advertising, many people have replaced print media with these platforms. The number of people that used to read newspapers and magazines might have decreased, but it is nowhere close to zero. There are many big magazines and newspapers that have created a strong presence in the market, which is helping print advertising gain its reputation and popularity back.

If you are running a business and not considering investing in print advertising, then you are surely making a big mistake. However, the medium of advertising you choose entirely depends on your target audience and business. So, weigh all the options and then create your advertising strategy to gain successful results.

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