Different type of YouTube videos you can create to market your Brand

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Every business has YouTube included in their online marketing strategies to drive more traffic to their websites. The reason that YouTube is considered a solid marketing platform is that it drives half of the online traffic for businesses and its videos are at the top ranks on Google search engine. In order to make the most of this highly effective marketing and traffic generating platform, you should learn about the different types of videos that you can create to capture your customers’ attention. Let’s take a look below.

Paper Cuts Videos

Paper cuts videos are huge on the internet, especially on YouTube. This video technique is very popular amongst the internet users and can be used to drive lots of traffic. This technique is fun, interesting, interactive, and unique. If you want to keep the audience engaged in your content and increase your views, this is what you need.

Doodle Videos

Doodle is another highly creative and capturing video technique that is gaining a lot of attention on YouTube. A doodle video includes a hand that creates different drawings and shapes using a pen. These videos are quite fun to watch and help entertain the viewers. You also get a lot of freedom in this type of video as you can create anything you desire.

Sock Puppet Videos

If you think that sock puppet is for children, then you are sadly mistaken. Sock puppet is one of the most interesting video techniques on YouTube. The reason that these videos get a lot of views is that they are extremely interesting to watch. These videos are easier to create and can be used to make funny videos.

Screen Capture Videos

Screen capture videos are used for educating the customers. These types of videos include screenshots with the help of which brands can help their customers learn to use their products. These videos are mostly used for software and game tutorials. These videos are extremely informative and helpful, and can help solve your customers’ problems.

Animated Videos

Animated videos have been one of the most attractive techniques to grab customers’ attention. This technique includes several fun elements like voice over, audio, animation, text, and graphics. When all of these elements combine together, they form an amazing and highly attractive video which helps you get more views and drive more traffic. You can also create a script or narrate a story using animated video technique to make your content more engaging, interactive, and entertaining.

Presentation Videos

Presentation videos have been used by marketers for several years. This technique of video creation allows a brand to add a lot of information to their content using different slides. This technique also includes different visual elements like graphics, animation, and text. You can use different software to create attractive presentation videos including Adobe Visual Communicator and GoAnimate.

The video technique that you pick for your video depends on the purpose of your video and the results that you are looking to achieve. So, pick a technique that is most popular amongst YouTube users and relevant to the subject of your video.

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