The Biggest Myths about Working for a Virtual Business

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Working from home is gradually being adopted as a standard for many businesses. But while at it, you should have all the facts straight so that your success, both personal and corporate, is not affected in any way. A virtual business operates in a manner which is different from a traditional one, but that does not mean that you can forget the traditional rules. If you are a team member, you will have to produce, and if you are a team lead, you will still have to manage.

Let us take a look at some of the most common myths associated with working from home, and set them straight.

Myth 1 – It is possible to work from anywhere

Many people have interesting assumptions about working from home. Some of them think that they can cook and work at the same time, and others have the misconception that work can also be managed while out on the beach.

Wrong. Working from home means work, and you cannot pair it up with anything else if you want to be productive and efficient. Your productivity and efficiency are the two primary elements if you want to gain the trust of your team and managers. Yes, in most cases, you can flex your schedule, but you will still have to do what has to be done today, and delaying it to tomorrow will only give a negative impression of yourself.

Myth 2 – Working from home means no drama

Some bosses think that if they allow their employees to work from home, they will be able to avoid politics and relationship issues. Wrong again. Even if the employees are not at the same place or working at the same time, there can still be conflicts and politics. Your team can start putting off both the tasks on other members and may also blame them for something that was not their fault.

Thus, if you are the boss, you will have to create a positive environment so that your team can succeed. Needless, to say, you should only allow those employees to work from home who are responsible, productive and excellent communicators.

Myth 3 – Reviews can be ignored

A few virtual businesses have forgotten the review system altogether when it comes to working from home. Wrong strategy. Even if the employees are working from home, reviews and raises are just as important as with traditional workers. Why? Because they motivate your team and make them more determined to meet your expectations.

You can conduct proper reviews only when you have a proper system in place for measuring productivity. Keep a tab on the performance of your team through weekly and monthly reports; set them goals, give them responsibilities and if they accomplish them, reward them with appreciation and a raise when the time is right.


Act on this advice, and you will be able to generate greater productivity levels even when working from home.

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