Motivating Your Employees to Generate Greater Productivity Levels

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What do you do to ensure the success of your company? Of the many strategies that you can utilize, a great one is to keep your employees motivated so that they boost productivity. Your employees are your biggest assets and you should engage them so that they deliver the performance you demand of them. Fail to do this, and your turnover rate will increase, decelerating the growth of your company.

So how can your motivate your employees? There are so many ways in which this can be done but many small business owners feel that monetary compensation is the only choice. Monetary compensation may be important, but there are so many other things as well. Focus on these and your employees will be happy and become motivated.

Recognition and Appreciation

Your employees just completed a project successfully, accomplished a goal or achieved something else. Recognize their achievement and give them an appreciation for it. Except for a few good words, this does not cost you anything, and it will make your employees feel happy and eager to do better.

Coaching and Training

When you coach your employees, you are developing them and honing their skills. The only cost? Time. Training your employees shows them that you are concerned about their growth and progress, and want them to do well. Give feedback and suggestions to your employees on a regular basis, whenever you can. If it is positive, give it to them right in front of everyone, but if it is negative, talk to them in private about it.

Career Path

Do you plan a career path for your employees? Start doing it and tell your employees about your plan. They should know what lies ahead of them, and if they can grow with your business. Many times, employers fail to promote their employees, due to which they leave the first chance they get.

The best way to set career paths for your employees is to start promoting them internally and let them climb up the corporate ladder. For some positions, you may have to seek outside talent, but try to hire from within your company before you resort to an external candidate pool.

Work Environment

A pleasant work environment is a great mood enhancer, generating greater productivity and motivation levels. Set up plants around the office so that your employees feel a positive vibe. Nature also serves to reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. Paint the walls a shade that is earthy or neutral because these colors are warming and calm. You should also install soft lighting fixtures. And if you can, try to keep the windows open and the shades up so that plenty of sunlight enters the room.


If you give your employees some flexibility in their work and schedules, they will be motivated to do better. You could let them come at any time as they please and allow telecommuting a couple of days in a month.


Act on these bits of advice and your employees will become motivated enough to perform better.

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