4 Apps to Boost Business Productivity

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Over the last five years or so, smartphones and tablets have been successful in helping individuals makes their lives just a little bit easier with the availability of a number of different apps. Users can install and use apps for grocery shopping, banking, social media, and pretty much anything else under the sun.

With so many apps available, how can we find the ones that are actually productive, and enable us to perform and manage our tasks and jobs efficiently?

The following are four apps you can use to increase your productivity and efficiency both in and out of the office. The apps are all tried, tested, and proven to increase management levels as well, and can be used by people of any industry and field.


Available on: Windows 8, Macintosh, Apple iOS, Google Android

It’s about:

This is one of the best apps you will ever find, for sure. Evernote provides a kind of virtual workspace, where you can store important notes, information, files, documents, images and so much more. It’s an app that provides everything in one space, in addition to the incredibly powerful search tools and features. Users have an option to either download the Premium or the Business version of the app, both of them having unique specifications.


Available on: Apple iOS, Windows, Android, Macintosh

It’s about:

Another equally useful app, Todoist allows users to manage and view tasks throughout the day. The overall service provided is very minimalist, but with a great design and the awesome thing is that the app can be synced with all other applications such as Outlook and Gmail. With the app, you can make lists, email in tasks to do, and manage, assign and execute tasks with friends or business colleagues. The app is especially great for task management and comes in four different languages.


Available on: Android, Apple iOS

It’s about:

With the help of this application, users can get their text and Gmail messages directly in one place. In addition, images and videos can also be shared, and users can have conversations in real time. The app is ideal for when a lot of people have to coordinate together for an assignment or task, and has features that make group chat and sharing easier. Still a fairly young application, HangOuts is available on only a few platforms.

Clean Master

Available on: Android, Windows

It’s about:

You need to have your phone as clutter free and smooth running as possible in order to maintain a certain level of productivity throughout the day. A smartphone that is slow and hangs constantly is an effective deal breaker, and will most likely give off a negative sign to your potential clients. This innovation application erases junk files, provides a backup, and uninstalls or moves apps to the SIM card; wipe cleans phone memory with ease and also preserves battery life of phones.

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