Easy and Simple Steps for the Entrepreneur to De-stress At Work

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According to the American Institute of Stress, eight out of ten individuals experience stress related to their work. Out of all the interviewees, nearly half reported that they needed help to keep it under control.

It was concluded in the same report that out of the participants, 42% seriously believed that their co-workers needed education on stress management.

It is normal to experience stress if you are running a vast business empire, or even working at jumpstarting one. The sleepless nights, endless amount of work, meeting deadlines and whatnot can all take you down, and put a considerable amount of stress and tension on your shoulders. This can lower creativity and productivity levels if not dealt with promptly.

Following are some simple and ingenious ways to de-stress while sitting at your desk, which really works!

  1. Peel an orange in one unbroken coil, while paying close attention to the simple motion and task. Notice the texture of the rind between your fingertips, and let the energetic aroma engulf the senses.
  2. Eat a banana; this can prove to be a secret weapon in your arsenal. Always keep one in your desk drawer, as the fruit contains potassium in just the right amount which regulates blood pressure and replenishes energy.
  3. Play dramatic music, but not too loud. Even though the music prescribed for relaxation purposes is classical but there is something invigorating about listening to a strong tune with a dramatic sequence and drum beat.
  4. Play paper ball, for instant and guaranteed satisfaction. Scrunch up a few balls of discarded paper, aim and toss them into the trash can.
  5. Massage your ears, while dropping your head slowly and with both hands softly knead the pressure points. This is a tested way of relieving tension if you must know.
  6. Space out for an entire minute, and try not to think about anything during that self-allocated time. Pick a random spot on the wall, and shut off your mind to all non-immediate concerns.
  7. Draw a picture; the messier, the better. Just put a pen, pencil or any other writing utensil on a blank page and don’t lift it up for at least a minute. The whole point of this exercise is, that there’s no point; an overwhelmed mind sometimes needs a mindless activity to keep it running.
  8. Wriggle your toes, nose, and fingers especially after sitting still at the desk for a long period of time. Doing so will enable blood circulation to the numb parts of your body, and help awaken it.
  9. Swivel your chair and make a dance out of it. This may at first seem a childish and extremely silly exercise but the whole point of it is to block out all distractions, including thinking what others think of you.

Don’t over-think, just do. It will make a whole lot of difference even if people raise eyebrows at some of the exercises listed. The thing to remember here is, all successful entrepreneurs have quirky ways to de-stress.

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