10 Young Inspirations

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Every boy has a hero who he looks up to, and like that boy, every girl has a fairytale she gets her inspirations from. When reality hits, we realize that fairy tales do come true for some heroes, but those heroes are not from another planet; neither do they have any superpowers. They are normal human beings just like all of us. Let’s take a look at who they are, and what they did.

1.    Mark Zuckerberg

Neither the name, nor the social media platform associated with it is new for any of us. Most of us use Facebook almost all day and every day. But, Mark did something that changed the platform of social media as we know it. He took what existed and added what people wanted. Social media already existed when he got the idea for Facebook, but he added some more touches. He thought out of the box, gave people options to leave messages on walls, share pictures with their friends no matter where in the world they were and generally made communication much more fun and interesting. This very idea of his is what made him a young inspiration.

2.    Stacey Bendet

As you know fashion trends change with time, but this young lady took the term ‘Fashion’ to a whole new level. Giving everyone exactly what they wanted to wear, Stacey became the founder of Alice + Olivia, an online fashion clothing line which makes an estimate $50Million a year. During her college days, she would make designs which gave her the million dollar idea of opening her own line. The rest as they say, is history.

3.    Dennis Crowley & Naveen Selvedurai

Everyone loves to share on Twitter and on Facebook the most interesting places they went to, people they met, and the delicious grub they had. These two made that much easier, they founded Foursquare. Foursquare allows you to share your reviews on the hottest and happening places. They save lots of people time and money as well, by letting them know which place is hot, and which is not.

4.    Aaron Patzer

Managing money is really tough, especially if you are a student, or if you are on a very tight budget, but, Aaron made it much easier for all of us by creating Mint. Mint allows you to manage your money so that you can take care of your expenses and look after your budget. At roughly around the age of 25, Aaron showed and taught everyone how they could manage their money as well.

5.    Jawed Karim, Steve Chan, & Chad Hurley

If you watch funny homemade videos, cats singing or playing the piano, and tutorials on how to learn some awesome guitar skills, it’s all thanks to these guys. They co-founded the hub of videos, YouTube. Whether you need to watch tutorials, funny videos, music videos or just want to spend a lazy day, this website never disappoints.

6.    Sean Belnick

Talk about creative marketing, Sean was only 14 when he started BizChair which became one of the few online furniture suppliers. This he achieved in 6 years. By becoming the founder of a business which was worth millions, he is one of the young inspirations that proved thinking out of the box pays.

7.    Ephren Taylor & Michael Stall.

These two got together and did what was absolutely unbelievable, they gave children employment opportunities. Taylor, at the unbelievable age of 12 had started his own business, worth millions.

8.    Anand Lal Shimpi

At the small age of 17, Anandh founded Anand Tech which offers well researched reviews on technological gadgets. Within a year, he earned $1.5 million dollars and still remains the CEO of the company.

9.    Carl Churchill

Carl, at the age of 12 started to design websites. He founded the DMC Internet in Dunstable, and is known as England’s Bill Gates.

10.  Richie Stachowski

At the age of just 12, this young lad invented the Water Talkies; these are walkie talkies which allow underwater communication. In fact, he earned half a million in that very year.

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