How to Increase Conversions Using Social Media

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Social media, despite all the good there is to it, doesn’t automatically make your business a success overnight!

We won’t dig into how many businesses are leveraging social media because that’s basically the most talked about topic in this industry. What we will dig into is how your social media fans and followers can be targeted to boost conversions. But before that, let’s get something straight; increasing the number of followers or fans on your social media profiles won’t do much unless they actually visit your website and see what you have to offer.

So does that mean that more than thousands of your social media followers are just there for the numbers? Yes, but you can always convert them into leads, and here’show:

Geospatial Social Media

Geospatial marketing involves attracting potential customers from specific locations where a business can provide its products and services. For example, let’s say Manal’s Electronics is an electronic store that offers home delivery and repair services of all electronics in Maryland.

Now when Manal’s Electronics targets potential customers only in Maryland, then the chances of conversions automatically increase. On the other hand, if Manal’s Electronics is just sending invitations, referrals, and implementing SEO without targeting their location of business, they will have many more followers, but not as many conversions. That’s when geospatial marketing comes into the picture.

For your business to actually boost conversions, you need to target the market in your area of coverage. This will eventually help in boosting referrals and invitations that can actually increase conversions.


Pay Per Click (PPC) ads will require a certain degree of geospatial marketing as well. For example, if Manal’s Electronics were to use PPC marketing, they would be able to increase conversions more effectively by targeting social media users in Maryland.

In this regard, whenever a user opens their social media account from Maryland, they will see an ad of Manal’s Electronics on the right hand side of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. that explains their nature of business. This increases ‘relevant visibility’, which will lead to relevant likes and follows, and eventually relevant leads.

Outbound Links

“Jay reported a problem in her laptop’s hardware, but you won’t believe what happened next!”

This is a clickbait, something that has gained popularity over social media recently. If you have been using social media for a while, you know where this is going. These ‘one liners’ are becoming more and more common because they are effective in directing traffic to your website content. These links build anticipation, which prompt the users to click the link. If the Call to Action is clear and tempting for the user, then your outbound link marketing is successful!

If your website has content that you believe can offer value to your traffic, then build anticipation around it. This will increase the traffic on your content, and if people like what you have, they will eventually convert into leads. Outbound links also have high bounce rates and that’s never good for your business since you can’t retain traffic. But if outbound links offer value to the traffic, then you have effectively placed your business among the top dogs of social media!

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