7 Tips to Boost Your Newly Established Business

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So, you recently incorporated a business and now you’re thinking, “What can I do to make it sell?” Well, the answer is fairly simple but involves a mix of seven elements. Incorporating them will help your business realize its place in the market.

1) Make a Website

If you haven’t made one already! A website is the single most important factor in giving your business the visibility it needs to sell. We recommend you hire a web designer that can implement parallax and responsive web design. Responsiveness will allow your business website to be viewed by users from all web supported devices, i.e. desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, smart TV, and so on. And the parallax design will improve the loading time on it, thus helping you retain traffic.

2) Social Media

Every other business has social media but that doesn’t mean they all know how to implement it effectively. Give your business exposure on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This will allow you to grow your potential market base, and will eventually lead to conversions. To keep up with your social media followers, make regular posts and reveal special offers with an outbound link to your landing page.

3) Newsletters

People still check their emails, which is more than enough reason to have newsletters for your business. Address the nature of your business and then decide the duration of each newsletter, i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Since your business is new, target your newsletters to boost leads, not sales as of yet.

4) SEO

When you have a website, social media presence, and newsletters, then SEO becomes the obvious need. Incorporate SEO and SEM into your marketing strategy to help boost your Google rankings. The higher you rank on search engines, the greater the prospects of leads.

5) PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads will go a long way in giving your business the exposure it needs. If you provide products or services to a specific location (let’s say New York), then you should conduct PPC marketing for New York. This will make your business website appear in a highlighted box in search engines of New York, giving your business further exposure online.

6) Content

Content is a mix of articles, blogs, pictures, videos, tutorials, and whatnot. While content is not a direct marketing tool, it is however very effective. Posting regular content on your website and sharing it on your social media profiles will help increase your traffic. If your content has the right call to action (CTA), then you might as well convert the traffic into sales. And when SEO comes into the picture, content is one of the most powerful tools in making your business ‘sell’ online.

7) Landing Pages

With your newsletters, content, or social media, you will most likely reveal special offers and promotions. Now how do you know the conversion rate of your promotional campaigns? Through landing pages of course! A landing page is generally a webpage that is associated with an outbound link to convert leads into sales.

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