A Road Map for Engaging Employees and Its Effect on Business

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If you’re a small business owner then you already know that predictability is a luxury you can’t have. Each day is filled with unexpected turns and decisions. The situation gets a little more complicated as soon as you start considering employees.

Employee engagement is a very important element that needs to be taken care of at all times. Studies show that 4 out of 10 employees in the US are disengaged. Employee engagement is directly conducive to their productivity and the overall output of the business.

Employee dedication and consistency is something that small business owners must be working towards at all times. A company can only flourish if its employees are not only hard working and productive but also enthusiastic and passionate about the work that they do.

Create Partnerships

In order to encourage people within the organization you need to treat each individual with the same importance and keep emphasizing on their value within the team. Give them the power to make changes within their sphere and work using methods that are most conducive to their productivity.

Feedback on Performance

Identify employees who are doing their jobs well and make sure to acknowledge their efforts. Let them know what they are doing right. In case the performance is not up to par, speak to them about those aspects and provide suggestions regarding how they can improve on it. When employees feel that you support their work and want to see them improve they will be more engaged towards their work.

Enable Communication

Communication is a two way street and you need to not only convey company requirements to employees but also listen to their concerns. If you don’t open the ways of communication, then you will be unable to generate trust within the company. A lack of understanding may even hinder effective collaboration. These factors are crucial to employee engagement.


Adapting new methods and strategies as they come around will not only keep your company ahead of the market but make sure that your employees are faced with newer and more interesting tasks regularly. Most jobs are prone to becoming monotonous and doing the same thing day in and day out can lead to disengagement.

Benefits of Engagement

Businesses are working towards the enhancement of employee engagement. This is because not only does it increase the productivity of employees in general it also contributes toward the overall environment of the workplace. The atmosphere within the workplace is a factor that many business owners tend to take for granted. Employees spend the better part of the day within the office which means that they will be more productive in a positive environment. In addition, engaged employees may even contribute towards the improvement of the atmosphere which may have a ripple effect towards others.

Employees that are engaged with the workplace are more likely to stay with the company on a long-term basis which results in a reduction in cost of replacement and training.

Studies show that 84% of engaged employees within an organization believe that they have the power to affect the quality of products or services. This means that every disengaged employee will take from the final output where as every engaged one will contribute towards it.

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