How to Cultivate Creativity in the Workplace

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Thinking outside the box, innovation and creativity are buzzwords being thrown around all the time. Saying these words however is very different from implementing them in the workplace.

Many believe that creativity is an inherent personality trait that cannot really be implemented in the workplace. Getting one person to be creative can be trying but implementing it throughout the workforce is a job of mammoth proportions.

The problem with creativity is that it can not be measured. There are no magic spells that can be used to trigger that creative spark over a group of people. What you can do is to start developing the environment around them so they can be inspired by their surroundings.

Maintain Easygoing Attitudes

Flexibility is incredibly important to cultivate creativity. When you start removing barriers, then the minds in your company will have the chance to push the boundaries of conventional ideas and look for innovative solutions to problems.

Let go of medieval norms such as the rigid 9 to 5 schedule and allow your employees to set their own hours. Find your employees’ natural rhythm and allow them to work at times when their creative juices are flowing.

Recruit For the Environment

When hiring an individual make sure that their views are in conjunction with that of the company. Evaluate whether their behavior will mesh well with that of others in the team and if they will be able to bring a unique perspective to the workplace.

Encourage Conversations

It is not news that two minds work better than one. Allow people to discuss and brainstorm ideas. A simple non-official conversation can help an employee get out of that slump and make use of a unique perspective that they could not get on their own.

Encourage External Awareness

While creativity is a great thing, it cannot really be implemented unless it has a direction. If you want to encourage creative thinking then you need to bring in external viewpoints into your organization. Make decisions based on current happenings, news, and industry information.

Keep an Eye on the Bigger Picture

When trying to encourage creativity in the workplace make sure that the employees always have the final aim in mind. Share projects with them and encourage discussions. Make sure that the goals of your employees are the same as that of the company.

Encourage Diversity

Creativity is spurred when different backgrounds come together. Create a team of individuals which bring different backgrounds, capabilities, and interests to the group. The conflicting ideas will lead towards a unique solution consisting of a diverse array of input. This innovative result will help push your product forward in the market.

Hire Those Who Love What They Do

Most people think that you are not required to love your job and that it is simply a means to an end. There are some rare individuals however who believe they have hit the jackpot and are happy about their choice of career. When you hire someone who enjoys their work, they will bring in ideas of their own to keep things innovative. People that care about the company will take a personal interest in driving it forward.

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